Road Foodie

Some people drive simply to arrive.

Roadfoodie vs Roadfood

Roadfoodie in a Fort Worth bar.

Roadfoodie in a Fort Worth bar.

There is no comparison. Roadfood is the mother of all drive n’ eat sites, including Roadfoodie. Roadfood is now searchable, with fabulous interactive maps, and Roadfoodie urges all enthusiastic drivers to become a subscription-paying “Roadfood Insider.” (There is absolutely no relationship between the two, btw.)

Roadfoodie is honored even to be mentioned in the same sentence with Roadfood (yes, it is me–or I–that is doing the mentioning). Roadfoodie began her journey looking to Roadfood for recommendations, and had some grand ol’ times along the way (see the pig-sickle, and dry-rubbed ribs at Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous). But after seven trips across, Roadfoodie began to tire of just eating, and started to lean towards dining. Now, Roadfoodie is more likely to consult with the local chapter of Slow Food for dining direction. And Roadfoodie always makes sure there is a bar, or at least a small wine list.

Norman, at Home of Da Smoke outside San Antonio.

Norman, at Home of Da Smoke outside San Antonio.

Roadfood is partial to pie. Roadfoodie prefers pig.

Roadfood doesn’t mind so much where the ingredients come from, as long as they are tasty. Roadfoodie always tries to search out the local.

Roadfood concentrates on the food. Roadfoodie meets people, examines the zeitgeist, and listens to location-appropriate music.

Roadfood likes a Dr Pepper. Roadfoodie likes a cocktail. Sometimes two.

But most important of all, Roadfoodie travels with Stella.

Stella travels.

Stella travels.

2 Responses to “Roadfoodie vs Roadfood”

  1. Brigit; I met you, Casey, and Stella at a Shore Leave Convention in Baltimore, Maryland a few years ago. I was Casey’s assistant at the convention. It was a great weekend, and I really enjoyed meeting all of you. I hope that all is well. I bought your recent cookbook, The Relaxed Kitchen. I don’t have a stove or oven that is operational right now and will need to wait until tax refund time to get one. Once I do, I plan to make good use of your cookbook. I’m gluten intolerant, so I’ll have to modify some of the recipes. Any tips to pass on? Please give Stella a big hug for me, and tell Casey that I said hello. Happy New Year! Rhonda Collins

  2. Diane says:

    Hi Brigit,

    WAY cool website…………….love your spirit and of course, the recipes… make sure you meet Dennis at Exhibitions 2D, who will introduce you to everyone. He is our dear friend, and say hello.

    Also Tom and Toshi are the greatest guys, and they prepared our wedding dinner in suzanne and terry’s house……..terry is there this week, too, with his sister, and you may bump into him

    Enjoy, and we hope you Windmill Retreat is good for you and Stella.



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