Road Foodie

Some people drive simply to arrive.

Gotta Have It!

  • WHERE is the Hippest Place in the Universe?
  • HOW did a vegan butcher make my husband turn white as a sheet?
  • WHAT did I find in San Antonio, Texas, hiding shyly like a bashful schoolgirl?
  • WHY should you pack your own margaritas in Albuquerque? And remember to split the carne asada enchilada platter?
  • WHERE, in Vicksburg Mississippi, can you find an Italianesque courtyard, a cool pool, and an icy-cold bottle of wine in a silver bucket?
  • HOW could a lust for lunch result in a truck getting trapped in a sun-drenched Spanish square, with no possibility of an unscathed escape?
  • WHY, for three years, did I have to show my passport whenever I needed some butter?
  • WHICH was more important in my maturing process:My college diploma? Or my dress?

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