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The Pork Tour Tally

Posted By on March 27, 2009

Benton's Bacon in The Smoky Place.

Benton's Bacon in The Smoky Place.

* Miles Driven from Marfa: 2611
* Days on the Road: Seven (on the last day, I rested by eating oysters in Washington DC)
* Tanks of Gas: Seven (Average price per gallon: $1.79)
* Pig’s Ears Eaten by Stella: Eight
* Pounds Lost: Three (This phenomenon has been noted on all of the nine cross-country drives I’ve made since May of 2005, when we moved from Venice Beach to upstate New York and I vowed never, come hell or high-water, to spend the winter there; the weight loss is surely not diet-related, so I’m convinced it has to do with muscle atrophy.)
* Meals Eaten at a Chain Restaurant: One (A 6-inch Spicy Italian at Subway, outside Richmond, Virginia.)
* Other, Non-Pork Food Consumed: Apples and dried cranberries
* Nights in a Hotel: Five (two nights–Austin and D.C.–were spent with exceedingly hospitable friends)
Stella in Nashville, waiting for me to finish a post.

Stella in Nashville, waiting for me to finish a post.

* Music: Lyle Lovett, Waylon Jennings, Bob Wills, and Patsy Cline (Texas); My own 50-song Seventies mix; Hall & Oates, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Steppenwolf (Mississippi, after lunch with my Great College Love, not seen in *& years); Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, Grateful Dead, Shawn Colvin (Tennessee); James Taylor, ZZ Top, Doobie Brothers (North Carolina).
* Phone calls to and from C: 789.
* Really Large Road Construction Projects Endured: Six (Is it too early for these to be signs of our stimulus dollars at work?)
* Road Kill: 7 deer, 4 armadillos, 2 possums, and (gasp) 2 dogs.

* Favorite Profound Thought of Eleventy ‘leven:
Ranging across the wide open spaces of America’s West and South, I see many animals grazing. The fact that cattle and horses like to eat grass, something that grows quite naturally, mostly without encouragement, seems improbable and wonderful.


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